Web Launch Update

As it is now the end of July, and at LC we have been promoting our website launch at the end of this month, we thought we would give an update – along with a launch date!

What will be included on the site?
As this is a newer company, the site will be quite condensed; as in not hosting 50 pages, all to be redirected through. More like five or six site pages (no more than ten pages ~ we promise).

Informational content will include how LC can help your small business or non-profit, along with free resources that your organization can use. Free resources, such as templates and processes, will be continually added; be sure to follow the LC blog (below), Twitter, and LinkedIn, to be notified when resources are added.

What services does LC offer?







Who is the hip, jazzy, super-cool, neat, keen, and groovy brains behind Lichtenberg Consulting?
Ohhhh goodness….you’re going to make the owner blush! The indomitable and passionate force of uncontainable energy behind Lichtenberg Consulting would be Julie Lichtenberg. You can learn more about Julie on her website or her LinkedIn page.

How can our org get in contact with LC?
Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! If your org is interested in learning how Lichtenberg Consulting can offer solutions or help reach your organization’s goals, set up a 15-minute call or send an email today.

So, when is the full website launch date?
Tuesday, August 1st, Monday, August 7th, 2017 (updated 8/3/2017).

Sometime in the morning. PST.

Follow the LC blog (below), Twitter, and LinkedIn, to be notified when the full site is launched.